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Esoteric Shop for Spiritual Products & Gems

Buy in our online store products spiritual life counselor, known from TV, print and the Internet. In our assortment you will find a diverse selection of amulets, gemstones and tools for energy work. Discover magical accessories that promote well-being and spirituality, and take note of our promotions and freebies.

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Esoteric shipping for spiritual jewelry & accessories

aqasha is an online retailer with an extensive range of magical amulets, talismans and chakra jewelery. For the most diverse theme worlds of esotericism, spirituality and magic, you will find the right accessories in our shop, browse online through the products of the spiritual life coach and learn more about the many possible applications of gemstones, magical pendants, incense and crystal pyramids. Under Quotes, you can order low priced items, also check out our daily offer!